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Placing a bet to back up your opinion, or to add an interest, is a fun way to enhance your enjoyment of a sporting event but at we want to go further than that and make consistent profits with our bets.

This means that we need to have a clearly defined betting strategy, which helps us to govern what we are betting on, where we place our bets and what kind of a staking plan we utilise. This will ensure that we are always getting as much value as possible from our bets and so we are in the best position to beat the bookmakers.

Throughout the site you will find tips and previews of events plus promotions and free bet offers from bookmakers but in the betting strategy section of you will find a different kind of knowledge that is absolutely crucial if you are to become a profitable punter.

The betting strategy section explains both the basics and some of the more complex nuances of betting. We explain how to bet on individual sports and the different types of bets that you can place on each, plus we have a look at each of those bet types and explain how they can be used most effectively.

Reading our betting strategy articles will help you as a prospective and existing punter to understand the difference between a win and an each way bet, how to place an accumulator bet and what exactly a Lucky15 or Lucky31 entails. In addition to these we explain the various rules and regulations of each bet and how the payouts work.

The betting strategy section also explains how various bookmakers can differ in things such as retirements (when a player pulls out through injury), match abandonments or when a First Goalscorer selection doesn’t play a part in the game. This information can be crucial when picking a bookmaker for a particular bet and, although it seems simple, it can be the difference between a long term profit and loss.

Grasping the basics allows punters to feel more comfortable with the world of betting and means that instead of focusing on any of the questions that surround a wager, readers can focus solely on the event. That’s what we do at and we hope that our betting strategy section will help you to as well.

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